Quiet Holidays in Assisi

Quiet Holidays in Assisi

Relax and have fun at Casa Faustina

For relaxing moments, guests can dive into the refreshing swimming pool surrounded by olive trees, lavender and rosemary bushes, or have an enjoyable walk through the country roads surrounding Casa Faustina.

You are also invited to play on the giant chest board of the garden, challenge someone to outdoor ping-pong, do archery, cook in the outdoor barbecue, rest in the shade of the pines or enjoy the children's playground. Upon request, we can provide our guest with board games and cards, books in english, italian, french or german. We also propose a bike-rental service.

Yoga with Lucia

A discipline both ancient and modern, an effective antidote to everyday life's stress to regain psychophysical wellbeing and inner harmony. Lucia Taddei has practiced yoga since 1997 and has experienced methods belonging to different schools, she is listed in the Italian Federation of Yoga.

You can book lessons for all levels, for individuals or groups, of a duration of 1h 30min.

Cooking courses with Sara

Sara, Casa Faustina's creative cook, proposes all year long cooking lessons for children and adults, during which you will put your hands "to paste" to learn how to bake pizza, bread and cakes; pick vegetables from the garden to cook delicious vegetarian recipes; or learn using flowers and aromatic herbs taken from our garden.

During the summer, after a nice walk in the morning together with the "tartufaro", Sara will help you preparing the truffle according to the regional uses.

Painting and sculpture lessons with Benvenuto Gattolin

You can also have private or group painting and sculpture lessons with the master of arts, Benvenuto Gattolin. The subject of the courses can be adapted to the needs and interests of participants. In sculpture classes, participants can learn to sketch their idea and then make its model in clay, create a mold that can be used later as a cast to pour bronze, along with many other sculpting projects. In painting classes, beginner participants can learn the basic techniques of water color, oil painting and fresco painting or more advanced participants can deepen their knowledge and perfect their technique. In summary, lessons are offered to a range of experiences and can be catered to particular interests.

Introduction into the synergistic garden with Giordano

For those who are curious about what synergistic agriculture is, Giordano will guide you through the garden illustrating the principles and rules of this natural, sustainable and non-destructive cultivating method.

Back home, you will perhaps wish to realize your own synergistic garden.